How to Store Organic Dried Fruit?

April 12, 2022by Sunbright

How to store organic dried fruit? This question waiting to be answered is frequently asked, especially by women. How should you store organic dried fruits? What you should pay attention to all and more has been prepared for you.

Pay Attention to the Temperature and Humidity of the Places You Store Organic Dried Fruits

Perhaps the most important point in the storage of organic dried fruits is temperature. Organic dried fruits are foods that are easily perishable in hot and humid environments. For this reason, it should be stored in cool and low humidity environments. The temperature should not exceed 15-20 degrees, the humidity should be kept below 70-75%. As an example of environments that meet these conditions, we can show the cellars in our homes. Alternatively, it can also be stored in attics. Only organic dried fruits stored in these and similar environments can be preserved for a long time in a healthy way.
How to store organic dried fruit? If you do not have the opportunity to store it in places such as cellars and attic, you can also store it in the refrigerator. Also, do not keep any items that generate heat near organic dried fruits. Take care not to store your organic dried fruits, especially near parts such as the stove that are constantly used. Vapors from food can affect organic dried fruit and cause it to spoil prematurely. Store your fruit as far away from other utensils as possible.

Be Careful What You Store Organic Dried Fruits In

The temperature and humidity ratio of organic dried fruits is as important as what they are stored for. You can store your organic dried fruits in completely dry glass and wooden jars. There is only one point that you should pay attention to here, and that is whether the lids of the jars in which you store organic dried fruits are tightly closed. If the lids of the jars in which you store organic dried fruits are not tightly closed, air may get in and your fruits may be exposed to moisture. Organic dried fruits exposed to moisture will deteriorate quickly and prematurely.

Be Careful How You Store Organic Dried Fruits

Some organic dried fruit varieties can be mixed with each other and finding the desired organic dried fruit can turn into a nightmare. In order to avoid this situation, you can write which organic dried fruit is on the jars. In this way, you can find the organic dried fruit you are looking for easily and without mixing. Also, do not store different organic dried fruits in the same jar. This will make your work very difficult.

Be Careful How You Dry Organic Dried Fruits

The shelf life of organic dried fruits varies depending on how they are dried. To achieve maximum shelf life, make sure that the fruits you buy are dry and then store them under suitable conditions and consume them.
Keep Salt in the Environment Where You Store Your Organic Dry Fruits
How to store organic dried fruit? Pantries and attics aren’t perfect places to store your organic dried fruit. From time to time, the humidity may increase in these environments and cause your organic dried fruits to deteriorate prematurely. Having salt next to your organic dried fruits will help absorb moisture from the air and prevent spoilage.

Keep Your Organic Dried Fruits Under Control

Even if you pack and store your organic dried fruits very carefully, there may be some cases that are overlooked from time to time and your organic dried fruits may start to deteriorate. For this, check the color, smell and appearance of your organic dried fruits from time to time. If you see any premature deterioration, discard the spoiled portions and bake again.

An Important Tip for Extending the Shelf Life of Organic Dried Fruits

How to store organic dried fruit? Your organic dried fruits will have a long shelf life when you follow the above recommendations. In addition to the above recommendations, we have a tip to extend the shelf life of your organic dried fruits; storage together with dried mint. If you put your organic dried fruits in a bag together with dried mint and store them in a dark and cool environment, you can obtain organic dried fruits with a very long shelf life. Try all the steps to store the organic dried fruits you have obtained with the Sunbright organic dried fruit difference for a long time and easily find which one is suitable for you.


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